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Company Profile

Company Name NDK Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Head Office 3-8-14 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
President Makiya Ito
Executive Director Toshiyuki Ouchi
Non-full-time Director Shosaku Yamanaka
Non-full-time Director Masao Yamamoto
Company Auditor Masaru Nishii
Operation Division NBC Mita Bldg.,6F, 5-29-18, Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014, Japan
TEL +81-3-3798-0913 (Representative)
FAX +81-3-3798-0243
Business Outline Exploitation of semiconductor and
electronic device products
Technical service and quality assurance service
for customers
Planning and development of semiconductor and
electronic devices
Date Founded April, 2011
Capital 10 million yen

Organizational Diagram

Organizational Diagram

With top-class experience and a specialty in semiconductor product business, our field sales engineers (FSE), project engineers (PE), and product procurement specialists (PPS) develop products and find new vendors through the sales channels of Nagoya Denki, suggesting solutions and offering technical services to customers.

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Message from the President

Makiya Ito President

Supply of "electronic components and production facilities" is one of the most important corporate activities that support modern high-tech society. In recent years, for companies that consume these components, the electronification of products has been very advanced and the fusion of semiconductors and electronic parts used in between electronic components and production facilities are increasingly important.

To respond to electronified and diversified requests from customers, NDK Semiconductor Corporation was founded to promote the engineering business of Nagoya Denki Co., Ltd.

Provision of high performance semiconductors utilizing our global network

Provision of high performance semiconductors utilizing our global network

High level solutions from specialist engineers

NDK Semiconductor is a virtual semiconductor manufacturer. We provide a large variety of products, focusing on "advanced analog IC" that offers innovative features and high precision specs through the sales channels of Nagoya Denki.
With top-class experience and a specialty in semiconductor product business, our engineers support customers from every aspect including vendor development in sales, planning of new products, and total solution from development to delivery

Response to high level requests with high touch services

Our strength is the diversity of our network.
We have many unique connections in the semiconductor industry with semiconductor manufacturers and design houses that keep developing the leading-edge technologies, foundry companies that have achieved high productivity and low cost through their efficient production system, and technically advanced material and device manufacturers.
Utilizing these connections, we can offer high touch services for requests on semiconductors with specialized specifications or performance and high level electronic devices.