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Engineers experienced in the semiconductor business support customers in NDK Semiconductor.
These engineers will provide technical support from various aspects to enhance business solutions of our customers.
Professional acquainted with semiconductor technology. Has knowledge of products to be delivered and features of services, and not only explains the products to customers but offers technical support starting before delivery of the products.
Technical sales professional with technological competence.
Procures semiconductors or electronic parts equipped with functions essential to product manufacturing of customers from all over the world and, if necessary, leads and provides customization.
Manager of projects for developing new products. Manages the manufacturing process starting from semiconductor development planning, design, production, testing to completion and also budget according to needs of customers.
Professional acquainted with industry trend. Constantly gathers commercial value or high popularity product information, and procures products according to customer needs from all over the world.
Company Profile
Company Profile

Company profile of NDK Semiconductor Corporation whose parent company, Nagoya Denki Co., Ltd., has been in business for 65 years.

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