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  • NEMA 17ステッパーモーター用組み込みドライバーがトリナミックからリリース

2013.07.01     NEMA 17ステッパーモーター用組み込みドライバーがトリナミックからリリース

トリナミックから使いやすくカスタマイズ性に優れた、NEMA 17ステッパーモーター用組み込みドライバーがリリースされます。


TRINAMIC Offers Easy-to-Use, Fully Customizable
Embedded Driver for NEMA 17 Stepper Motors
Compact Assembly Pre-Programmed for Rapid Design-in
Hamburg, Germany (21 January 2014)—TRINAMIC Motion Control, a leading global developer of motor and
motion control technologies, announced a smart, energy and cost efficient embedded driver stage custom
designed for direct mounting on NEMA 17 stepper motors. Pre-programmed and pre-configured with all
operating parameters to support standard 1.1A (rms) motors, the new TMCM-1043 is intended for rapid designin and off-the-shelf use without any additional programming required.
With its optional programming kit, the TMCM-1043 becomes a fully customizable smart driver stage allowing for
adaption to a broad range of embedded motion control and mechatronics requirements. In addition to a
desktop programmer kit with an intuitive GUI for evaluation and ideal parameter selection, a volume
programmer for quick parameterization of production scale quantities will also be available.
The TMCM-1043 incorporates the TMC2660, TRINAMIC’s latest stepper motor driver IC, which integrates power
MOSFETS with the industry’s lowest RDS(on) specification, resulting in minimal power dissipation. The PCB also
integrates all required protection circuitry and interface hardware into a compact and robust assembly. The
TMCM-1043 is pulse controlled for 16 microsteps per fullstep. TRINAMIC’s patented proprietary interpolation
processor interpolates these steps to a resolution of 256 microsteps per fullstep, allowing for a smooth and
noiseless movement.
“Some of our customers are asking for a plain vanilla stepper driver that also includes all the features of
TRINAMIC ICs,” said Michael Randt, TRINAMIC CEO and founder. “The TMCM-1043 is our simple yet elegant
answer to that customer request.”
Stepper motors are cost-effective solutions for applications that require high-torque at low speeds and precise
control of motor axis rotation. Widely used in printers, scanners, robotics, medical and scientific equipment and
other applications, TRINAMIC estimates that more than one billion stepper motors are shipped ever year. NEMA
17 is the most popular stepper motor size, accounting for more than 50% of the total stepper market.
With no programming required for a quick and easy out-of-the-box experience, and full parameterization
options including a high volume production programmer, the TMCM-1043 is a smart and customizable solution
for embedded motion control and mechatronics. TMCM-1043 is currently available in production quantities with
attractive volume pricing available. Single unit price is set at USD 43.65 via distribution.
Orders for the TMCM-1043 can be placed directly with TRINAMIC distributor Digi-Key. TRINAMIC’s relationship
with Digi-key was announced on 4 December 2013: see News Release.
Based in Hamburg, Germany, privately-held TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG is a recognized global
leader in motor and motion control technologies. Leveraging its extensive portfolio of internally developed IP,
TRINAMIC motor control products emphasize efficiency, quality and ease-of-use.
The company sells ICs, modules and integrated mechatronics to market leading manufacturers worldwide. The
company’s products have been integrated into a wide range of applications in biotechnology, lab automation,
materials handling, CCTV and factory automation. More information about TRINAMIC can be obtained on the
company website: