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  • 2相ステッピングモータ用コントローラ、ドライバーICの新製品、TMC5130をリリース致しました。

2014.12.05     2相ステッピングモータ用コントローラ、ドライバーICの新製品、TMC5130をリリース致しました。

TMC5130-TA 概要 パルス生成コントローラ+ドライバー+FET オールイン1チップIC NEWプロセス採用で多機能ながら高いコストパフォーマンスを実現。 また今回、低速回転時の低振動を実現する為、新たなチョッパアルゴリズム(stealthChop) を導入致しました。 電圧、電流制御モードを自動で切り替える事で、低速から高速まで広い範囲での圧倒的な 低振動、騒音を実現しております。 負荷検知による脱調検知や電流制御機能(stallGuard2,coolStep)に加え、速度制御機能 (dcStep機能)も内蔵されております。 詳細は是非お問い合わせ下さい。 特徴 ・ピーク2A(short time2.5A)46V  9mm□QFP PKG ・モーター負荷による自動脱調検知、電流制御機能、速度制御機能搭載。 ・256μSTEP、独自チョッパ、電流、電圧制御自動切り替え機能による  低速~高速までの圧倒的低振動、 ・コントローラ内蔵によるマイコン、ソフト負荷低減。 ・UARTによる簡単多軸制御。 ・SPIソフト制御により開発自由度UP。 ・専用評価ボード=PC上から評価可能 ・NDKセミコンダクタ社の専門エンジニアによる日本語でのテクニカルサ ポート。 以下英文発表内容になります。

2014年11月5日 ハンブルク、ドイツ Newest TRINAMIC Stepper Motion Control IC with Integrated Motor Drive Delivers 50V / 2.5A Performance New Low-Cost Monolithic IC is First to Use Trinamic Patented Technology for Exceptionally Quiet Operation Hamburg, Germany (4 November 2014)—TRINAMIC Motion Control, a leading global developer of motor and motion control technologies, today announced a new single-axis stepper motor control IC with integrated MOSFET motor drive that delivers the highest voltage and current specs in the company’s integrated stepper control and driver product line. The new TMC5130 delivers 50V / 2.5A (peak) motor drive power, which is suitable for driving motors from NEMA 11 to NEMA 23. The new device also implements Trinamic’s latest patented technology for quiet, vibration-free operation. “The TMC5130 successfully combines several Trinamic technology innovations into a single device that also achieves a new maximum for motor voltage and current specs in a monolithic motion controller with integrated MOSFET drivers,” explained Trinamic Founder and CEO Michael Randt. “Ease-of-use was the guideline for our designers, as well as cost efficiency--and the result is an integrated circuit that enables superior control of stepper motors for any application, relieving designers of the need for specific motor control know-how. “ The TMC5130 is ideally suited for laboratory, office automation and other applications where machinery works in close proximity to human operators. These environments often require strict noise limitations, so the new device is the first to incorporate Trinamic’s patented stealthChop™ technology, which reduces noise and vibration at high torque and low velocity. Consequently, Trinamic’s new TMC5130 has a measured noise level 10 dB below traditional stepper motor drive ICs when using stealthChop. Connected to a host microcontroller through an industry standard SPI or step/direction interface, the TMC5130 performs all real-time position and velocity stepper motion calculations, while its integrated low-power MOSFET directly drives stepper motor coil currents. The TMC5130 implements Trinamic’s patented sixPoint™ jolt-minimizing ramp generation profile. This profile utilizes two different settings during both the acceleration and deceleration phases, which minimizes motion ‘jerk’ and delivers smoother motor operation. The sixPoint ramp profile also enables motor torque to be more closely matched to an application’s requirement, producing velocity-optimized maximum acceleration times. Application development, prototyping, design optimization and time-to-market are all accelerated with Trinamic’s intuitive PC-based software development kit and TMC5130 evaluation board. The TMC5130 is sampling now. Production volumes will be available in December 2014. The device is offered in a QFP48 (7mm x 7mm) package, priced at USD 2.66 in 1,000 unit volumes.

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